Product Detail

Quick Details

·           Brand Name: Tam Telecom

·           Model Number: T50

·           Color: Any

·           Function: Mobile phone Card Reader

·           Feature: 3.5mm Audio Jack Card Reader

·           Advantage: 3DES (TDES)/AES Encryption

·           Interface: USB,Audio Headphone Jack,head phone audio jack


Payment Terms:

·         T/T,

·         Western Union,

·         MoneyGram,

·         PayPal,

·         Ali Escrow

·         Optional



·         Mobile phone Card Reader

·         Plug-in 4 pins 3.5mm audio jack

·         3DES (TDES)/AES

·         Support FIXED KEY/ DUKPT key management



·         Slim size: light and slim size for high portability

·         Reduce investment: The user may use own mobile phone to complete the transaction. No need to invest for the heavier POS or ePOS

·         High security: Data is encrypted before transmitted to the mobile phone. Avoid the possibility of being stolen by trojan horses.

·         High reliability: Embedded professional decoder IC speed up the decoding. High swiping performance

·         Ultra low power consumption: Power up by button cell. Peak operating current < 1mA, which could be the lowest power consumption in the similar products.

·         High compatibility: Support bidirectional communication between phone and device. Compatible for domestic and imported mobile phones. Can support 90% or above smart phones.








T50 (Dual tracks: 1, 2 track) T51 (Dual tracks: 2,3 track)

Power Source

Power up by embedded button cell (Depend on customer: Can be powered up by Audio jack of Mobile phone)

Connection to mobile

Plug-in 4 pins 3.5mm audio jack


Magnetic card. e.g. Credit cards, debit cards, membership cards

Decoding format

Build-in Hardware decoder

Battery life

20,000 times for normal swiping

Battery standby time

5 years

Swiping speed

3 - 70 IPS (7.6 - 177.8 cm/s)

Swiping direction

Dual direction

Swiping time

500,000 times


Swiped data encrypted before sent to mobile phone

Encryption method

Optional: 3DES (TDES)/AES. Support FIXED KEY or DUKPT key management

Encryption spped

< 200ms (complete data encryption from all tracks)

Supporting system

iOS, Android system

Peak current

< 1mA

Operating Temperature

-20'C to 70'C


41.7mm x 30mm x 13.7mm